Group News

Jun 22, 2016: Patrick defends PhD

Today Patrick successfully defended his PhD at ETH Zurich. Congratulations Dr. Wolf!



Jun 15, 2016: Prof. Hermans joins Editorial Advisory Board of "Reaction Chemistry & Engineering"

Prof. Hermans joins Editorial Advisory Board of the new Journal "Reaction Chemistry & Engineering" published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Jun 5-9, 2016: Joe at Natural Gas Conversion Symposium, Tromso, Norway

Joe is giving a talk at the 11th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium in Tromso, Norway.

May 17, 2016: Florian and Philipp present poster at Chicago Catalysis Club

Florian and Philipp are presenting a poster at this year's Spring Symposium of the Catalysis Club of Chicago in Naperville, IL.

May 6, 2016: Joe wins 2016 Eastman Summer Research Award

Joe Grant won the 2016 Eastman Summer Research Award. This award will support his summer RA appointment. Congratulations!

May 5, 2016: ACS paper most accessed in last 12 months

Our Editor's Choice and Front Cover paper on Enhanced Two-Dimensional Dispersion of Group V Metal Oxides on Silica is the most downloaded paper in the last 12 months in ACS Catalysis!

Apr 29, 2016: Fangying at Poster Session

Fangying is presenting a poster at this year's "Chemistry Undergraduate Poster Session"